YouTuber creates a custom PlayStation 5 out of brass, and it’s glorious

The bold design of Sony’s PlayStation 5 has served as a talking point among gamers ever since its unveiling in June 2020. And now that users have had some time to tinker with the next-gen console, we’re starting to see some pretty interesting mods from the enthusiast community.
YouTube channel DIY Perks recently took a swing at modifying the exterior of their PlayStation 5 with impressive results.

After tearing down the console, templates of the outer shell were made using paper, which were then utilized to cut out replacement pieces made of brass. This soft alloy is comprised of copper and zinc, and is surprisingly easy to manipulate into shape when applying heat.

The curved side panels proved a bit tricky, but with a rethink, the YouTuber was able to overcome the hurdle. Motherboard standoffs were used to secure the panels to the side of the PlayStation.

With a bit of sanding and some polish, the whole thing comes back together and looks absolutely stunning. The modder did have to move one of the Wi-Fi antennas to the back of the machine to ensure a strong signal, but otherwise, it looks virtually identical to a standard PS5 – except, in brass. It’s not as “gold” as the 24K gold PS5 we saw last year, but it’s also not $10,000.

I’m not sure how long it’ll retain its luster before needing to be polished again, but that’s a small price to pay for such a unique looking system.